The Return Short film by Bahman Radan


A young woman was buried alive with the intention of killing, but she survived by chance.
She hears her little girl’s cries and tries to stay alive for the sake of her daughter. But this incident emerges a new worldview for her.




Director’s Statement

We often fear death, but what if birth is really the scary thing? What if there is no death and life is just a series of births and rebirths? I wanted to use this short film to make people think about this. Think again about your worries, interests, and attachments to your friends, love, and family. Think again about borders, geography, ownership, and the small and large wars and conflicts of humanity.

Which of them is real? Which are permanent? Which is lasting? Is the world the same when we die as when we were alive?

You will never be the same after watching this short film


A young woman was suspiciously murdered and killer buried her hastily in the cemetery at night. The following day, a shepherd hears moaning sounds from the cemetery. He realizes that the woman is alive and asks for help, despite the man’s efforts, the woman died. but her soul is worried about her little daughter and realizes everything has changed when.

Bahman Radan is a 36-year-old Iranian writer, director, and filmmaker who has dedicated his career to raising awareness and promoting positive social change. His works include films such as “Smile,” “Smoking Kills But Not You” “Return,” “Victim,” “Circle,”and “That Also Breathes.”
Bahman has a different view of life and this helps him in making impressive films! He believes Films can raise awareness and motivate people to change.

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