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This short film is the story of all of our lives.
Journey of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. We are all connected to each other.




Summary of the director’s biography:

Bahman Radan is a 36-year-old Iranian filmmaker based in Turkey. He has produced several short films & documentaries over the last few years. As a writer/director, he seeks to create meaningful stories and characters he can share with the world. His works include films such as “Smile,” “Victim” “Return,” “Circle,” “Smoking Kills But Not You,” and “That Also Breathes.”

As of 2022, his films have been showcased at various film festivals around the world and have won multiple awards.

Bahman has a different view of life and this helps him in making impressive films! He believes Films can raise awareness and motivate people to change. He seeks to continue to collaborate with talented individuals in the future and to grow his filmography.

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