That Also Breathes

The woman’s life who owns a pet changes overnight.
That Also Breathes” is a short film that will make you rethink your animal treatment and know that all animals have the right to live and breathe.




Director’s Statement

The short film “That also breathes” may be a flip for animal rights fans, animal lovers, and pet lovers. So that they know that, in fact, all living beings and creatures that live on earth have the same values and we should not abuse these creatures for any reason.
People with pets usually love them like their children, and they know that pet feels, understands, and experiences happiness and sadness like us, but are dogs and cats and their pets smarter than cows and sheep?
They don’t know that the animal they put on their plate was alive and breathing for a day, and now they put all the pain, torture, and suffering it has suffered on their food plate.We must not overlook the unfair discrimination humans often show against other species because they are not human.
When we ignore the suffering of a creature, regardless of the nature or species of that creature, then we can’t refer to ourselves as being pro-animal or pro-peace. Whenever we take away a creature’s life to satiate our taste buds according to our customary diet, or to escape loneliness or for pleasure, or when we keep leather couches and feather cushions in our homes, We are miles away from peace.
Have you ever wondered if the meat of an animal tastes good? But would you be willing to eat the flesh of your beloved pet? If the issue is based on providing protein and food needs, All food needs, such as calcium and protein, can be easily obtained from plant products and substitutes.
But the issue is not only killing animal species for survival or enjoying the taste; the mistreatment we impose on animals while they are alive is far more distressing.
Millions of animals are raised for human food, hectares of agricultural land are used to grow animal feed, and these animals are kept in the most unacceptable conditions in livestock farms to turn fodder into meat.
If we want to end this, you need to look closer at your plate and “think about your plate!”.
Let’s end customs and practices that support the meat industry and cease the breeding reproduction of animals for food, entertainment, experiments, medicine, and clothing.

It’s time to stop cruelty to animals
If you are against the war on racism, oppression, suffering, torture, rape and starvation
If you are for peace

It’s time to look at your plate again

The meat of the animal that is on your plate was once a living creature and it breathed!

Go back to vegan

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Since our prophecy is to make videos that help the collective consciousness.

On the occasion of World Animal Rights Day, December 10,We decided to release the short video “That also breathes” online as a wake-up call for everyone and to raise public awareness.

We need the help of all of you animal lovers and peace advocates to publish, share this video and spread awareness

You can download this short film for free and repost/share/publish it!

We give all the rights of this short film to all animals and living creatures who are captured by humans and are unable to defend themselves.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please credit to Ad1Film

“That also breathes” is free to download, share, modify, and re-upload for purposes that are consistent with our core values. If using  “That also breathes” for your own animal rights video/project, we only ask for it to be credited (e.g. “footage from Ad1Film”).


Summary of the director’s biography:

Bahman Radan-Film maker- Short film writer and director
Bahman Radan-Film maker- Short film writer and director

Bahman Radan is a 36-year-old Iranian writer, director and filmmaker. He follows a vegan lifestyle and supports peace and animal rights. Bahman’s works include “Smile“, “Victim“,”Smoking Kills But Not You“, “Return“, “Circle” and “That Also Breathes“.
Bahman has a different view of life and this helps him in making impressive films!

To see the world through Bahman’s eyes, click here:

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