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We invite you to join our mission of producing impactful films focusing on the environment, animal rights, women empowerment, and veganism.

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We invest in scripts that stand out and have a strong message.

If you are a screenwriter with a unique idea and message that can add awareness to society and positively impact it, we look forward to your submission.

If your screenplay can make people laugh, arouse their emotions, penetrate their subconscious, and change their awareness and worldview. “We will invest in it.. “

If you offer a product or service that can solve people's problems, make them happy, and help their lives, you can be our sponsor.

Sponsorship conditions:

  • Vegan Brands – Cruelty Free -Animal Test Free
  • Brands that are popular in society
  • Businesses that strive for services that intend to solve people’s problems
  • People who want to increase awareness
We can never cooperate with products and services that create bad social habits, conduct animal experiments, or are produced by exploitation or cruelty to animals. Also, clothing brands that use animal skin and hair, or brands that use child labor to produce their products, or that exploit workers.
Therefore, businesses and services that try to bad social habits are included in our rejected list.
We also offer free sponsor terms for vegan businesses. If you are active in the field of animal and plant-eating, we will always support you. Just send us a copy of your product and license and certificates to introduce more people to your brand.

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