Invest in change to build a better future

We seek like-minded partners who understand that focus on culture and community is a way to realize the future we all want.
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Do you want to multiply your capital while doing positive social work?

If you decide to do cultural work for society by taking advantage of the wonderful conditions that AD1 Film provides for its sponsors, you will have the opportunity to keep your brand alive for years, and people will watch a responsible image of your brand.. Change people’s attitudes towards your brand, and you also multiply the loyalty of your customers.

Why become our sponsor?

Align your brand with social responsibility

By sponsoring our films that are produced with social and cultural issues, you will increase the popularity of your brand.

Reach a global audience

After screening the film at film festivals, we have an extensive broadcast and distribution marketing strategy plan for each film, and this is a great way to increase brand awareness or promote your services to a wider audience.

Support important social causes

Our films address a wide range of social issues, such as awareness, psychology, meta-awareness, vegetarianism, culture, and social responsibility. By sponsoring our films, you will be supporting these important causes.

Make a lasting impact

Our films are made with care and attention to detail, and they are designed to have a lasting impact on viewers. Your sponsorship associates your brand with movies that people will love for years.

Sponsorship means that your company invests its resources into our projects. Those resources could be in the form of money, the products or services they offer, or a combination of both.

What films do we produce?

AD1 Films is a creative film production company that has been producing films portraying social issues for many years. We believe that film can be a powerful tool for social change, and we are committed to using our films to raise awareness of important issues and to inspire positive change.
Fortunately, we spend months and hours writing scripts so that we can create lasting work. That can create a different world and perspective years after our death.

Join us in international film festivals

The films produced by AD1Film company are sent to international festivals and are also planned for broadcast on international broadcast platforms. So, as a result, in addition to the cultural and useful work you do for society, Your brand becomes global.

Invest in change to build a better future

Fortunately, over the years and with the help of our sponsors and customers, we have shown most of the films we produce in our company in international areas. So you can use the resources you have to invest in projects.
You can be our financial sponsor, or you can provide products, services, or locations for filming.

We also offer free sponsor terms for vegan businesses. If you are active in the field of animal and plant-eating, we will always support you. Just send us a copy of your product and license and certificates to introduce more people to your brand.

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What you get:

  • Ticket for early screening
  • Thank you in the end credits
  • Producer Credit.
  • Signed film poster.
  • Streaming link to the film.
  • Your name will be on the Sponsor’s Slate at the beginning of the cinema screenings of the film.(if possible)
  • The sponsor’s logo is displayed on movie posters and banners.(if possible)
  • Using the sponsor’s product during the story (if possible)
  • Credit to sponsor on social media – broadcast Platforms(if possible)

Sponsorship Opportunities at AD1 Films

Short film: Tiny killer

Genre: Short Film
Stage: Pre-Production
If you throw your cigarette butt on the ground, your nightmare begins This short film will be made and produced for the social movement called "#cigarettebutts". Each part of this short film has a different meaning and invites people to pay attention to these small plastic wastes on the ground.
Financial support/In-kind support
Required product: Lighter - Glasses - Sun cream - Drinks - Gopro camera - Insta360

Short film: Border

Genre: Comedy
Stage: Pre-Production
Several old men sit on their chairs every day and wait for time to pass, but one day, one of them comes up with an idea and finds a new hobby for himself by demarcating. This short film trivializes geographical boundaries and shows that the young generation does not accept these boundaries and limitations.
Financial support/In-kind support
Required product: Bicycle -Chocolate - Drink
Required location: Farmhouse / House

AD1 Films is seeking like-minded sponsors who want to invest in change and build a better future. By sponsoring our films, you can align your brand with social responsibility, reach a global audience, support important social causes, and make a lasting impact.

Short film: Wound

Genre: Drama
Stage: Production - filming
This is a cultural and psychological film that tells the story of Eron, who becomes paralyzed in an incident. The film explores the changes in Eron's life after this incident.
Financial support/In-kind support
Required product: Sports shoes and clothes - wheelchair
Required location: Cafe

Feature Film: 3/14

Genre: Science-fiction
Stage: Pre-Production
This film tells the story of five different lives that all have a common point: sometimes everything is not in our control.
Financial support/In-kind support
Required locations: Sound recording studio - ship - cafe - school - hospital

Invest in Change to Build a Better Future | Sponsorship Request by AD1 Films

Short film: Return

Genre: Drama
Stage: post-production
A mysteriously buried woman hears her little girl’s cries and tries to stay alive for her sake. But this incident will enlighten a new worldview for him.
Financial support
Supporting brands: Vegan - Vegetarian -Owned by women

Sponsorship Opportunities at AD1 Films- Death Counselor

Feature film: Death Counselor

Genre: Drama, Adventure
Stage: Scriptwriting
This film is the story of desperate people who intend to commit suicide but do not dare to end their lives. And for this purpose, they go to a death counselor, and in the counselor's room, things happen that change the course of their lives, but one person makes a change. ....
Financial support/In-kind support
Required product: Car - military uniform
Required locations: Train - old build - hut-caravan-prefab

If you offer a product or service that can solve people's problems, make them happy, and help their lives, you can be our sponsor.

If you offer a product or service that can solve people's problems, make them happy, and help their lives, you can be our sponsor.

Sponsorship conditions:

  • Vegan Brands – Cruelty Free -Animal Test Free
  • Brands that are popular in society
  • Businesses that strive for services that intend to solve people’s problems
  • People who want to increase awareness
We can never cooperate with products and services that create bad social habits, conduct animal experiments, or are produced by exploitation or cruelty to animals. Also, clothing brands that use animal skin and hair, or brands that use child labor to produce their products, or that exploit workers.
Therefore, businesses and services that try to bad social habits are included in our rejected list.
We also offer free sponsor terms for vegan businesses. If you are active in the field of animal and plant-eating, we will always support you. Just send us a copy of your product and license and certificates to introduce more people to your brand.

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