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A boy tries to save a goat that is going to be sacrificed for Eid al-Adha

Film Message: Do something to save lives.





A father sacrifices an animal on the day of Eid al-Adha according to the traditions and customs of the past. According to the old custom, he gives the last bowl of water to the goat, but his son tries to save the goat.
The father angrily looks for them.
The boy makes the goat run away and puts the rope around his neck instead of the goat. This short film refers to the story of Ismail and Ibrahim in Islam.

Director’s Statement

In many religions, countless animals are tragically killed in the name of God.
Victim” is a poignant and thought-provoking short film confronting the age-old tradition of sacrificing animals in the name of God, purity, and forgiveness, prevalent in many religions. Our intention behind creating this film was to stimulate critical thinking and challenge the established norms surrounding this practice.
We firmly believe that taking their lives in the name of purification and forgiveness does not absolve us of our sins but perpetuates a cycle of violence and suffering.

Our intention is not to condemn any particular religion or belief system but rather to encourage a critical examination of our practices. We implore viewers to consider alternative paths toward atonement and compassion.

The film invites individuals to consider alternative paths to seeking forgiveness and purity. Our message is clear:

  • Plant a tree as a symbol of atonement and Reconnect with nature.
  • Lend a helping hand to those in need.
  • Embrace kindness instead of resorting to acts of killing.

Let us come together, embrace the inherent value of all living creatures, and strive for a world where every being is treated with respect and dignity.

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Summary of the director’s biography:

Bahman Radan Director of Victim
Bahman Radan Director of Victim


Bahman Radan is a 36-year-old Iranian writer, director and filmmaker. He follows a vegan lifestyle and supports peace and animal rights. Bahman’s works include “Smile“, “Victim“,”Smoking Kills But Not You“, “Return“, “Circle” and “That Also Breathes“.

Bahman has a different view of life and this helps him in making impressive films!

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