Get ready for a cultural short film! The shooting of “Return,” a short film directed by Bahman Radan and co-written by Sara Moradi & Bahman Radan, has started in Turkey. Starring Çigil ünsal and Bülent Akkas, this silent adventure film follows a recently dead women’s journey that tries to hug her child amidst strange events that challenge her beliefs. Produced by Ad1Film, this is a movie you will want to see!

“Return” is a cultural film that explores the adventures of a person who has just been killed. The protagonist tries to survive and hold her child again. Still, she is confronted with strange events that alter her perspective on life.
The movie “Return” is a silent adventure that promises to be a unique experience for viewers.

The talented cast of “Return” includes Çigil ünsal and Bülent Akkas, who will undoubtedly deliver stunning performances in their respective roles.



Bahman Radan, the director of the movie, is also the author & director of the critically acclaimed short film “That also breathes“, “Circle“, and “Smoking Kills” With his unique perspective and vision, we are confident that “Return” will be a memorable movie.


With its unique story and talented cast, “Return” promises to be a cinematic masterpiece that will captivate audiences. So stay tuned for more updates on the film’s progress, and get ready to experience a journey like no other!


This film is another product of Ad1 Film Turkey, which will be shown at international festivals and festivals, “IRFILMPORT” Company, which has an excellent reputation in the film distribution industry, has taken over the film’s global distribution.

This film promises an unforgettable adventure and a cultural experience that viewers will want to experience.

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