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I’m Bahman, founder of Ad1 Film, a filmmaker constantly learning and discovering new techniques in screenwriting, directing, and filmmaking. As a lifelong student of the film industry. My vegan lifestyle and environmentalism, love for nature, and reading mystical and philosophical books are making my personality. I know what I want, and what I want to do, I enjoy my life and career path.

I’m not afraid to take risks and try new paths. I believe that every challenge and hardship I’ve faced has been a part of my learning journey.
Proudly, my failures in life have been more than my successes, I’ve failed many times, but my failures have made me stronger and helped me grow faster.
I’ve died and been reborn countless times in my life, rebuilding myself, cleansing my experiences and awareness, and creating a new version of myself. I’m constantly exploring life and experiencing new things.

Let me take you on a journey through my life.


Born into a small family in Bijar, Iran, on February 11, 1987, I faced the loss of my dear mother at the age of 12. As the eldest child, I became a support system for my younger siblings. At 16, I left home to work independently, and by 21, I had established my first company offering internet services. This was my first experience as an employer, and through many failures in those years, I learned and grew. At 22, I married and in 2012 , with my spouse, launched our first advertising company, providing online software for local advertisements. (GAMA CO )

In 2014, With well-defined automation processes in place, The company’s operational efficiency reached a point where my direct presence was no longer required. I decided to establish the Radan Holding Company to further expand our services portfolio.

Gradually, we expanded Gama Company, and with further learning and skill acquisition, we launched Ad1 Digital Marketing Agency, offering website design, digital marketing, and SEO services.

I learned copywriting and writing skills, and since 2011, I have been freelancing, ideating for various businesses, and launching marketing  campaigns.

A documentary changed my life.

In 2014, my life underwent an extraordinary change, saw a “dominion documentary” that shook me to my core. It made me realize how my habits were harming the planet and animals. I knew I had to make a change. So, I went vegan, started advocating for animal welfare, and got involved in environmental activism.

Four years later, my spouse, sister, and the entire family chose veganism as our lifestyle. Together, we launched the online magazine VEGi1.

We aimed to familiarize as many people as possible with this lifestyle, helping them eliminate bad habits and become better individuals.

Immigration in 2016


Curiosity always drove my exploration, and I knew there was much more to the world than what I had experienced in my own country.

In 2016, due to political unrest, economic turmoil, and limitations, we decided to emigrate.

Emigration was like a rebirth for me; I left behind everything and started anew.

On the day of my departure, I felt I was not just leaving Iran; Rather was leaving my past behind and embarking on a new phase of life…

I died, and a new Bahman was born within me, I told myself that if I were to start from scratch again, this time, I would build the life I wanted, do what I love, and start with my passion: filmmaking.

Geographic boundaries hold no power in shaping our dreams and aspirations; no matter where we come from, we all can take control of our lives and create something beautiful.


I pursued my interests in photography, filmmaking, and directing, attending courses to enhance my skills. Every day, I learned and networked with various people in the film industry. I collaborated with many directors and as a producer and cinematographer in making films such as “Smile“, “Smoking Kills But Not You“, “Childhood Dream” and “Circle” .

In 2022, my first short film “That also breathes” succeeded in international festivals.

In 2023, I produced a short film Victim,” about animal sacrifice , which is currently on the festival circuit.

Another short film, “Return,” offers a different view of life and is currently on the festival circuit.

Bahman Radan’s filmography:




I intend to use films as a powerful medium to encourage new mindsets, increase awareness, and motivate change in people. I strive to create impactful films that inspire and promote a greener earth, and global peace.

For me, filmmaking isn’t just a means to earn; it’s a passion rooted in my love for life and personal growth , growing with each project and living in new stories.

Filmmaking allows me to experience and connect with multiple lives. Character development is one of my core strengths. My primary interest and expertise lie in creating conceptual short films and branding videos. I thrive and enjoy the process of film production. I have copywriting and ideation skills, but my true art lies in silent storytelling and intend to use films as a powerful medium to encourage new mindsets, increase awareness, and motivate change in people.

I have experience and skills in creating silent, conceptual, drama, and sci-fi films, as well as branded short films, and seek to express the emotions, thoughts, and stories within me through this visual language. These genres allow me to depict deep and complex concepts that sometimes words cannot convey.

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