Have you ever seen a short film that was very entertaining and funny, only to discover by the end that it cleverly incorporates a brand or introduces a product?
These films are known as ads short films, which effectively tell the story of product usage through cinematic techniques without overtly showcasing the product or its production process. This model of short films has a strong impact and lingers in the minds of the audience.
Creative short films offer an amazing and powerful experience for brands to gain visibility.

People are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day; social networks are full of advertisements that are quickly rejected by the audience.

To effectively capture consumer attention, brands need to move beyond traditional advertising tactics and embrace the power of storytelling. Instead of relying on intrusive commercials that are often met with resistance, brands should craft compelling narratives that seamlessly integrate their messaging into emotionally resonant stories.

Brands need to find a way to capture their attention and subtly draw them into the narrative of a short film, stirring their emotions and tapping into their subconscious.

Short films, when executed with a strategic and creative approach, offer a powerful alternative to traditional advertising. By weaving brand messages into a captivating narrative, short films can engage viewers on a deeper level, bypassing the mental barriers that consumers erect against overt advertising.

Have you ever encountered a video of several minutes that everyone talks about?
It had millions of views and thousands of likes, comments and shares! Some even said they shed tears or laughed a lot while watching this clip!!
You got curious, started watching it, and got fascinated like everyone else…
In the end, it was determined that this video was an advertisement.

Unlike intrusive commercials that disrupt the viewing experience, Short films seamlessly integrate brand messages into a compelling narrative, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

This is an unexpected yet very smart move. Successful brands and companies know that people don’t like ads that appear in their feeds or in the middle of their favorite videos, so they’ve decided to turn their ads into short films. This way, they can subconsciously reach their audience and make their brand stick in their minds.

If you’re a company that wants to increase brand awareness or make your audience into loyal customers who love your brand, you should consider in an interesting, fun, engaging short film.

Here, we will examine some examples of brands that have utilized creative short films for advertising purposes:

The Turkish Airlines’ short film “Dreams” cleverly taps into the power of childhood dreams. It is without dialog and doesn’t require translation.
The children of the village are playing, and an airplane passes in the sky
They dream of having an airport in their village.
This advertisement short film is about 4 children from a small village that no airline has ever flown to.
Beautiful things start when you #dream. Turkish Airlines It grows with Türkiye’s dreams.
The creativity of Turkish Airlines’ “Dreams” video lies in its heartwarming portrayal of children dreaming of a world beyond their small village. It uses real children, not actors, to evoke genuine emotions and connect with viewers.
This relatable scenario is paired with the tagline “Beautiful things start when you dream.” Turkish Airlines grows with your dreams. Creates a heartwarming and inspiring message.
This ad’s impact was undeniable. It dominated Turkish media, gracing newspaper covers, prime-time news, and trending on Twitter for three days. Millions shared it, and even celebrities, critics, and politicians lauded Lowe Istanbul for this exceptional work. Today, “Dreams” stands as one of the top 10 commercials in Turkish advertising history.

  • Released: 2014
  • Views: 17 Million
  • Likes: 187,000
  • Comments: Approximately 8,300

An example of a creative advertisement short film is “Unsung Hero,” created for a “Thai Insurance company.”
The short film “Unsung Hero” by Thai Life Insurance tells the story of a seemingly ordinary man who performs small acts of kindness throughout his day.
The story of this short film is about a man who helps people every day without receiving anything.
He helps a woman, gives up his bus seat for a girl, buys bananas for an elderly lady, donates money to a girl’s education, and even shares his food with a stray dog.
For the help he gives, he only receives the feeling of love and affection, which is more valuable than anything else.
The tagline of this ad is that Thai Life Insurance strives to be a trusted life partner by really caring for people’s lives without expecting anything in return.
This ad campaign by Thai Life Insurance has been a big success. It has achieved widespread virality on social media, particularly among young, urban Thais, who are the target audience for the insurance company. The film doesn’t reveal that it’s an advertisement until the very end, so by portraying an ordinary person doing extraordinary good deeds, it subtly conveys the message of “Believe in Good.”
The beautiful film “Unsung Hero” was recognized as the best advertising film of 2014, and It deeply resonated with viewers and garnered millions of views on the YouTube platform.
Despite being produced with relatively limited costs, its greatest impact stemmed from the emotional storytelling.

  • Produced about 9 years ago
  • Views: 116M
  • Likes: 1.5M
  • Comments: approximately 3,800

You can watch the full film by accessing the following link:

“The Journey that Changed Everything” is an ad short film released in 2019. The film tells the story of Bertha Benz, the wife of car inventor Karl Benz, and her daring journey with her two sons, unbeknownst to her husband. Along the way, she encounters various challenges.

  • Produced about 5 years ago
  • Views: 9.3M
  • Likes: 171K
  • Comments: approximately 7,650

The short film “Castello Cavalcanti” was commissioned by the luxury brand Prada. The storyline revolves around an Italian driver named Jed Cavalcanti, portrayed by Jason Schwartzman. Jed Cavalcanti finds himself racing an American race car in a serene and quaint village called “Castello Cavalcanti.” Through his unexpected circumstances, he discovers that his ancestors hail from this very village. This film, directed by Wes Anderson, was released in 2013 and received 3.4M views and around 89K likes.

Another ads short film directed by Wes Anderson is “Come Together.” This film gained immediate attention upon its release and quickly went viral on social media platforms. The story unfolds inside a train on Christmas Eve, amidst snowy landscapes. The train conductor announces that due to weather conditions, the passengers won’t be able to reach their destinations in time for Christmas. However, he creates a joyful atmosphere by decorating the train with Christmas ornaments, organizing a party for the passengers, and giving them gifts. This heartwarming story resonated with viewers and garnered millions of online views. It effectively conveyed the values of the clothing brand H&M and became one of their successful advertisements in 2016.

Let us know more about the ads short film:

What is an advertising short film?

Advertising short film is actually a type of short film that meets the commercial goals of brands and businesses by telling an attractive story. In other words, the purpose of making short films is to introduce the brand or brand value or products and services in the form of a beautiful and entertaining story.

Why invest in short film ads?

You must know that in this world of close and tight competition between people and brands, producing a good quality product alone will not be enough for progress. Different brands and business owners need accurate, accurate and attractive introductions of their brands and products. In the digital and colorful world, attracting the attention of the audience is not an easy task. People are exposed to thousands of advertisements daily; Brands are trying to penetrate the minds of their audience by using creativity and innovation in their advertising.
Short advertising films are not only from recent years. Advertising short films of brands started some time ago. However, in recent years, with the further development of virtual networks and people’s acceptance of short films, they have become more popular among brand owners.
The world’s successful brands and companies know that most the people are constantly roaming in virtual spaces and encountering all kinds of movies and videos. Most people look for entertainment in cyberspace to escape from the real world and its boredom. Social networks and television are full of advertisements! The amount of advertising on free social media platforms is so high that audiences who are watching their favorite videos and posts quickly reject the ads. People’s continuous use of extensive social networks is an opportunity for brands to use this opportunity in the best way.
Undoubtedly, a good advertising film can establish an effective emotional connection with its audience. Naturally, stories and videos that have a good emotional charge remain in the mind.
Investing in short advertising films not only costs the initial production of the film, but it can also establish a good emotional connection with the audience and introduce thousands and millions of people to your brand, products, and services. This article makes it clear that short films have the ability to give the best feedback in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost, and this is the best way for the brand to be seen.
You can get thousands and millions of views with a short video without spending a single cent on paid advertising. People save interesting short films, send them to their friends, and connect with them completely.
Every year, a lot of monetary advertising costs are spent on prompting videos and advertising banners. By investing in short advertising films, you spend your budget on creating an effective and creative story. In return, your film will circulate freely among people; Unbeknownst to them, this movie was actually a commercial.

So, in marketing plan, you don’t have two more solutions:

Or increase the budget of your campaigns to get the same results you used to get from advertising at a high cost!
Or spend more time focusing on the content of your ads and producing content tailored to your audience and target market that requires less spending on paid advertising. Audiences will connect with it immediately after watching it, pause and watch your video to the end and share it with their friends.
As a producer or provider of a product or any service, you must pay special attention to the needs of your audience. Be exposed to their attention in such a way that, without realizing it, they will be involved in a story that will arouse their emotions and penetrate into their subconscious.

Why should brands invest in short films?

  • An advertising short film involves the audience in the story and the characters of the story. Short narrative films narrate an event and stimulate the emotions of the audience.
  • A short story and conceptual film, instead of an advertising teaser, will be seen several thousand times without the need for excessive expenses for paid advertising and promotion.
  • Short advertising films are usually less than 10 minutes. Sometimes a 90-second short film has such a strong and interesting story that the audience doesn’t pay attention to the film’s time at all. So there will be no boring parts in a commercial short film!
  • Instead of showing the audience the product production process and the efforts it takes, we show the value of the product to the audience in the form of a conceptual story and sometimes even without saying a word.
  • Ads short films can portray a social responsibility, break norms and influence people’s habits and behavior.
  • After watching an ad short film, the audience sheds tears, laughs and interacts with your film and shares it with their friends; Without knowing that this was an advertising film.
  • Every person who sees the movie identifies with the character of the story; Without knowing that the hero of the story is your brand!
  • Ads short films can be played and screened in many film festivals; Because they are story-oriented and are made entirely based on cinematic standards.

Well-crafted short films allow viewers to connect with characters, fostering a positive association with your brand, even if they don’t consciously recognize the connection. Short advertising films, typically under 10 minutes, can be so captivating that viewers become engrossed in the story regardless of its length. This ensures there are no dull moments in short film advertising!

What factors does the success of a short brand advertising film depend on?

The success of the brand short film depends on a strong story and a script that fits the organizational values, the nature of the product and the target market.
A creative advertising short film draws the attention of the audience to the story, characterization and characters of the story so much that it makes the audience eager not only to watch that short film again and again, But share it with your friends and acquaintances.

On what basis are the subjects chosen in short advertising films?

Topics are chosen based on brand values. Brand values can be aligned with people’s values. Currently, people are paying more attention to brands that serve their society and take steps to solve major global issues such as the environment, inequality, gender and racial discrimination, helping others, etc. Many brand short films are used to tell such issues. Support for solving issues that are attractive to the audience and are of interest to them; That is, choosing the right topic for the story of advertising films is a very accurate and smart way to attract loyal customers.

The final word

People usually don’t like direct advertising, But they communicate with stories. They like films; Because films have stories. This is an opportunity for your brand to be seen and a more special opportunity for it to succeed!
Films engage people’s feelings with their stories; Because the stories remind them of their past memories, or evoke their feelings at that moment, or are a manifestation of their unfulfilled dreams.
Short advertising films with their narratives are an attractive way to become famous and sustain your brand without geographical boundaries!
If you want to start an effective marketing strategy for your brand, we will help you in this way to move up the steps of progress faster by making an ad short film of quality! Stand out from the rest! And stay in the minds!
So feel free to contact us and leave us a creative story to promote your brand!

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