"Victim" Short Film by Bahman Radan Selected for Fifth International Festival at FilmOneFest in USA

Victim by Bahman Radan Selected for FilmOneFest 2024 in the USA

We are proud to announce that Bahman Radan’s short film “Victim” will premiere at the FOF Film Festival in New Jersey on July 20, 2024.

We are thrilled to announce that our conceptual silent short film “Victim” by Bahman Radan has been selected for the 16th annual FilmOneFest in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, USA. The festival will take place on July 20, 2024, at the beautiful Atlantic Highlands Marina.

FilmOneFest is an international festival that has been held in the United States for over 16 years. With the motto “LESS IS MORE,” FOF challenges filmmakers from around the world to tell their stories in under two minutes and create innovative works. The festival showcases the best short films from around the globe in a unique outdoor setting. This year’s festival will take place in person on July 20, 2024, and will be open to the public.

Victim Selected for FilmOneFest 2024
Victim Selected for FilmOneFest 2024

Victim” is a short narrative film that runs for 180 seconds and challenges the tradition of animal sacrifice through its powerful storytelling, without any word.

Bahman Radan, a prominent environmental and animal rights filmmaker, has been following a vegan lifestyle for over a decade. His work frequently explores these themes, and he entered the filmmaking industry to raise awareness about animal rights and peace.

Among his other notable works are “That Also Breathes,” “Smile,” “Return,” and the documentary “Smoking Kills But Not You.

“Victim” has previously been selected for the 2024 Vegan ÇİFTLİK Film Festival in Turkey, the 2024 Madeira Curtas Film Festival in Portugal, the 13th Riurau Film Festival in Spain, and was also recognized as one of the top 100 films at the Three Acts of Goodness Micro Film Festival 2024 in California.

The film stars Ramazan Öğüt and Ramazan Uzun. Sara Moradi, an activist and researcher in veganism, wrote the screenplay, while Zahra Radanfar, an environmental and animal rights activist, edited and colorized the film. Bahman Radan directed and shot the film, and Siavash Baygi, one of Iran’s most experienced musicians, composed the film’s emotional soundtrack and sound design.

Bahman Radan, the film’s director, shares his thoughts:

“In many cultures and religions, animals are sacrificed on holy days. This film aims to challenge this deep-rooted tradition and raise the question: Is it truly right to sacrifice an innocent being for the sake of cleansing sins or fulfilling wishes?”

Radan further adds:

“We hope this film encourages audiences to contemplate this issue and seek peaceful, humane alternatives to achieve tranquility and well-being, rather than repeating outdated and harmful traditions.”

“Victim’s” selection for this prestigious festival is a remarkable opportunity for the film to be seen by an international audience and amplify its message of peace and empathy on a global scale.

FilmOneFest will be held at Atlantic Highlands Marina on Saturday, July 20, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. For more information, please visit the festival’s website.

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