"Smile" will be showcased at the 2023 Lift-Off Festival in England.

“SMILE” Short Film Selected for Lift-Off England Festival

The short film “SMILE” has been selected to be showcased at the Lift-Off Festival in England in 2024.
The fourteenth edition of the Lift-Off Festival, organized by the global platform Lift-Off, aims to identify independent films from around the world and discover exceptional filmmaking talents.
The selected films will be judged at the prestigious Pinewood Studios in Ivor, England.

SMILE,” a conceptual short film written and directed by Kian Parsi and produced by Bahman Radan, will be screened at the Lift-Off Festival in England. The 14th edition of the Lift-Off Festival will commence on February 12, 2024, competing alongside other films.

First Appearance of the Short Film “SMILE” Produced by Bahman Radan at Lift-Off Festival 2024 in England

The Lift-Off Festival is a prestigious international festival for independent cinema, held in collaboration with Pinewood Studios, one of the most renowned film studios in England, as well as the rally studio in Hollywood.

The festival will also take place in Berlin, Manchester, Tokyo, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, and Melbourne.

For more information and the list of nominees, please visit the festival’s website: [Lift-Off Season Awards]

Here is a list of the film’s cast and crew:

  •  Writer and Director: Kian Parsi
  • Starring: Elif Doğan, Ayhan Ünal
  • Cameraman: Emre küpeli, Hamoon Mirzaee, Bahman Radan
  • Edited by: Zahra Radanfar
  • Graphic Designer: Mohammad Reza Jafari
  • Photographer: Samira Arifgizi
  • Music: Nima Afshari

Date and Venue: Monday at 10 am (GMT), February 12th, 2024, at the John Barry Theatre, Pinewood Studios, England.

The festival will be open to the public starting from February 12th to February 26th. Detailed information on ticket sales for the public will be provided soon.

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