Short Film 'That Also Breathes' to be Screened at International Vegan ÇİFTLİK Film Festival

Short Film ‘That Also Breathes’ to be Screened at International Vegan ÇİFTLİK Film Festival

The short film “That Also Breathes” (also known as “O da Nefes alıyor”), directed by Bahman Radan and written by Sara Moradi, is set to make its debut at the prestigious International Vegan Film Festival ÇİFTLİK.

The festival, organized by Vegan Farm, marks the first-ever short film and video art event with the theme “Animal Freedom.” Scheduled to take place on June 29-30, 2023, this short film festival aims to foster awareness and provide a platform for sharing compelling works that shed light on the violation of animal rights in various domains, including farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, zoos, and circuses.

The Vegan Ciftlik Festival has been instrumental in showcasing thought-provoking films and video works that champion the protection of animal rights.

vegan-ciftlik-film-festival - that also breathes by bahman radan
Short Film ‘That Also Breathes’ to be Screened at International Vegan ÇİFTLİK Film Festival 2023

The short film “That Also Breathes”  was produced in Turkey in December 2022 by the director and writer, who are vegans, and it is scheduled to be released on June 30 at 23:00 (Turkey time).

Director Bahman Radan, a multi-talented Iranian filmmaker, has advocated for social change throughout his career. Transitioning from his role as the CEO and founder of advertising companies in Iran, Radan delved into the world of film and storytelling. Since his relocation to Turkey in 2020, he has continued to create meaningful works, including renowned productions like “Smile,” “Smoking Kills,” “Circle,” and the captivating “That Also Breathes.” Notably, Radan is a talented artist, a passionate environmental activist, and an ardent supporter of peace initiatives.
As an environmental activist and peace advocate, He has been following a vegetarian diet since 2014. He hopes his film will inspire others to look closer at their dietary choices and become more mindful of animals’ suffering. The film also aims to dispel the myth that certain species are more emotionally and intellectually superior to others.

In “That Also Breathes,” Radan masterfully unveils the inherent flaws in humanity’s treatment of non-human species, urging audiences to recognize the unjust discrimination often displayed based on species boundaries. Considering that pets live with many of us as respected members of the family. Still, many animal lovers who love pets have meat from other animals on their plates. The film urges viewers to consider their dietary choices and the impact of their actions on animal life. Through powerful imagery and heartfelt storytelling, Radan underscores the interconnectedness of all beings, emphasizing that every creature, regardless of its nature or species, deserves fundamental rights and dignity.

The Vegan Ciftlik Festival offers a robust platform to challenge societal norms and foster dialogue on the ethical implications of our choices. It calls upon individuals to reevaluate their plates and recognize the urgent need to transform the practices that perpetuate the meat industry. By eliminating the breeding and exploitation of animals for food, entertainment, experimentation, medicine, and clothing, we can pave the way toward a more compassionate and sustainable future.

Join us at ÇİFTLİK International Vegan Short Film Festival.

Support veganism and animal rights events by watching films produced by filmmakers with personal funds.

Help spread awareness by publishing their news and films on social media and help build a world where everyone’s rights, Humans and living beings, are recognized and respected.

For more information about the festival and ticket availability, please visit [veganciftlik].

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