Product video production(2-8 minute)

Don't exhaust your viewers by displaying the production process, the distribution, and the delivery of your product.

Instead, let us tell a compelling story with a creative video that conveys the value and solutions that your product offers.

With a creative video, we will tell your audience what needs your product will solve?

and what value it will create for them?

how they feel better using your product!

By crafting engaging stories with our product videos, we create a sense of desire in viewers.

We show how they can use the product and the feeling they will get after buying and using it.

Through creative storytelling without any words, we emphasize the need your product can fulfill and the value it has for your customers.

After watching this video, your viewers will feel connected to your product and brand, and become loyal customers.


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Using product videos is an excellent way to captivate your desired demographic and convert them into customers.

We make a hero out of your product

We will craft a narrative to showcase your product in a heroic light.

Our goal is to produce a video that perfectly portrays your company’s product and identity.

We tell a tale that will emotionally connect with your viewers and draw them in. Without uttering a single word, we will craft a narrative that will penetrate their minds as they become immersed in the story.
A captivating product video demonstrates all the advantages and perks of your item and persuades the viewers that life will be much harder without it!
We create captivating videos that will help your audience connect with your product, building faith in your brand.
We will capture the journey of customers who have been impacted by your product and the satisfaction they experienced after purchasing it.

We craft narratives and visual outlines that emphasize all the remarkable elements and advantages of your product.

A product video is a great way to showcase the advantageous features, capabilities, and applications of a product. It can also help explain the purpose that this product serves.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re in need of an outstanding video production company to create product videos for retail or Amazon, you’ve come to the perfect spot! We have aided numerous online retailers in initiating captivating product videos on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and many more!
Professional product videos will not only exhibit why your product is fantastic and why customers should buy it, but it will also help strengthen consumer confidence in your brand. With product videos, you’re able to save on your marketing expenses since they work not just as extended product descriptions but also as digital advertisements! It’s been demonstrated that people are more engaged with video content than with any other format, so it’s vital that the videos you create are professional, brief, and creative.

A great product video can be the distinction between soaring profits and not selling anything. Especially if what you sell is a bit intricate and needs a bit of clarifying. These days, shoppers are taking more time to do research before they buy, so incorporating product videos into your ads and product info can help you clear any confusion about your items and encourage customers to add it to their cart!

The engaging product video should succeed in helping customers recognize the key qualities of your product.
Crafting an effective product video requires careful thought. It should tell a story that helps viewers understand the features, functionality and use cases for your product. Additionally, it should give viewers an idea of how it could be relevant to their lives and help them imagine how it would fit into their own lives.
Additionally, a well-made product video could provide useful instructions on how to use it.
By telling a story and being engaging, you will be able to create a great product video.

The Product Video Production Process

Step 1:


During the pre-production stage, we obtain all the necessary knowledge about your product and brand. Our main objective is to develop a product video that not only spotlights the best characteristics of your item, but that also reflects your brand in a storytelling and interactive way.

Step 2:


After we’ve pinpointed your brand’s persona and style, we’ll put together your script. We make sure to keep the atmosphere of the shoot as well-ordered, radiant, and sharp as we can. We employ a broad range of lenses to get amazing close-ups of your product, and we work hard to add creative and captivating camera movements to make sure your product video is interesting to watch.

When it comes to product videos, there are three main categories to choose from:

1- The first is 'Lifestyle', which typically shows the product in action with live actors, helping customers imagine how the product looks in a real-life setting and how it can be used.

2- The second is 'Features/Benefits', which focuses on the key features, colors, and size of the product, and can be shot against a single background and can include a voiceover.

3- Lastly, an 'Instructional video' offers guidance on how the product should be set up or used. Depending on your needs, these videos can be done with live action actors or just a solid background and a voiceover.

Tell your story in a captivating and engaging way to make the most out of your product videos.


In the Post-Production phase, we'll assemble the footage, adjust the hues of each shot, and incorporate sound effects, commentary, and music to create an engaging, cohesive video.

Amazon Product Video Production

It’s a fact that Amazon is still the leading e-commerce site that shoppers prefer over the others. The good news is that Amazon recently introduced the possibility for brands to add product videos to their product listing pages, which can help to increase sales even more. Studies show that 96% of customers find product videos really useful when it comes to making a buying decision. In truth, many customers will look for product videos or product reviews from other sources before they even consider clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, making product videos an important piece of your Amazon strategy.

Making the Most of Your Amazon Product Videos - What Works Best?

Just 1 minutes

When it comes to Amazon, the ideal time for product videos is close to 60 seconds.
Every second matters in this short format, so you need to be mindful of every word and image you include. Anything beyond two minutes will likely fail to captivate your viewers and reduce the effectiveness of the video.

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