The Return Short film by Bahman Radan

A young woman was buried alive with the intention of killing, but she survived by chance. She hears her little girl’s cries and tries to stay alive for the sake of her daughter. But this incident emerges a new worldview for her.


Victim Short Film by Bahman Radan | Vegan Film Maker | Avoid sacrificing animals

A boy tries to save a goat that is going to be sacrificed for Eid al-Adha Film Message: Do something to save lives.

That Also Breathes


The woman’s life who owns a pet changes overnight. “That Also Breathes” is a short film that will make you rethink your animal treatment and know that all animals have the right to live and breathe.


Cycle-short film - Ad1 Film

This short film is the story of all of our lives. Journey of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. We are all connected to each other.

Smoking kills ,but not you

Documentary short film - Bahman Radan - Smoking kills but not you

Smoking will not kill you. You will unknowingly cause the death of other creatures. This documentary is the story of cigarettes that will destroy the world.