short film advertiting

We live in a time where communication is a must. The internet, metaverse and social media have allowed us to spread our message quickly to the people. People are exposed to thousands of ads, so we have to create something that will make them pause and pay attention. Videos that evoke emotion, reflect the needs […]

Empowering Filmmakers for Global Success: Ad1 Film’s Partnership with Iran Filmport Company

Ad1 Film Company and "Iran Film Port" Company Join Forces to Foster Growth in Iranian and Turkish Filmmaking Industries

Ad1 Film Company recently signed an official contract with Iran Film Port International Film Distribution Company, a significant milestone in the collaboration between Iranian and Turkish filmmakers. Uniting these two companies creates a unique chance for filmmakers to leave a mark on the global stage. From submitting films to international festivals to distributing and licensing rights […]

“Return” Short Film – A Silent Adventure That Will Change Your Worldview!

Get ready for a cultural short film! The shooting of “Return,” a short film directed by Bahman Radan and co-written by Sara Moradi, has started in Turkey. Starring Çigil ünsal and Bülent Akkas, this silent adventure film follows a recently dead women’s journey that tries to hug her child amidst strange events that challenge her beliefs. Produced by Ad1Film, this is a movie you will want to see!

What is a brand video

Branded videos are a captivating way to share your extraordinary story in a visual format. Every time someone visits your website, you have the opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression by demonstrating your business’ identity. Creating Brand videos, or company overview videos is an effective way to showcase what your business stands for, from […]