Victim,” a short film by acclaimed Vegan filmmaker Bahman Radan, has entered the festival circuit.
The film confronts the age-old tradition of sacrificing animals in the name of God, purity, and forgiveness, prevalent in many religions.

Approximately two minutes long, “Victim” is a silent film that tells a powerful story through evocative visuals and music. The film aims to stimulate critical thinking and challenge the established norms surrounding the practice of animal sacrifice.

Bahman Radan, a passionate vegan advocate, directed the film. He is joined by Ramazan Öğüt and Ramazan Uzun in the cast. The music of this short film was composed by Siavash Beigi. The experienced film editor Zahra Radan handled the editing and color grading of the film.

Sara Moradi, the founder of, wrote the script.

Victim‘ is not Radan’s first foray into short filmmaking. His previous films, ‘That Also Breathes‘, ‘Smile,’ and ‘Return,’ have also been well-received on the international festival circuit. Radan’s other works include “Smoking Kills But Not You,” and “Circle.”


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